Do you accept walk-in?

Walk-in are welcome. But yes, it is always good idea to make appointment beforehand to get prioritized and avoid long waiting in case on the date you come we are fully booked.

Do I need to make a booking before come?

Not necesarily, but is preferred. By making an appointment, we can arrange the schedule in more efficient way both for you and our artist, so we hope that you have a better experiences.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Preferably yes, but not necesseraly for small tattoo. To secure your slot and respect our artist time, we do require deposit for tattoo with medium size (minimum 10cm square size). For full/ half full tattoo, for example half sleeve tattoo, deposit with minimum IDR 1 mio {USD $70} required.

Can I re-schedule my appointment?

Sure. But please notify us at least 2 days prior the appointment date. Please note that, by re-scheduling your appointment, our operation may affected and we may lost business from this request. Re-scheduling 1 day before or on the date of the appointment date was considered as no show, and your deposit was not refundable.


I have a flight back tomorrow. Does my fresh tattoo affected?

Short answer: no. Long answer: Your new tattoo will not affected if you not move too much that affecting the tattoo area. If you are mostly sleep on your flight, it is not affected at all.

I get tattooed 3 days ago, and now its really itchy. What should I do?

When you feel itchy on your new tattoo, please do not rub it or stratch it. I know, it feel so good, but don't do it. To lessen the itchy feeling, just give a soft slap on it or apply bepanthen.

Can you tell me what can or can't be done for my fresh tattoo?

For your fresh tattoo to heal faster and to make your tattoo quality intact, avoid direct sunlight, sea water and pool or any water with high chemical usage, lotion with chemical ingridient, excessive workout especially that mostly affecting the tattoo area, do not rub it or scratch it if itchy but give a little slap.

Today is my little son birthday and I need to take him to the beach. What should I do?

You can use a second skin to protect your tattoo, so you can go to the beach without worry. But do not use it for too long as it is still in healing process and skin also need to breath.


Do you accept card payment?

Yes, we accept card payment.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, but you will need to paid any occuring commision and conversion fees.

I will arrive in Bali next month, how do I pay my booking deposit?

You can pay it with Transfer wire, Wise or via our PayPal account.